Markdown Editor - Appreciate your feedback!

I’ve just finish the v1.0.0 of Nwotable, a PWA to write markdown (Github Flavored). It currently only support desktop browser but I’m working to make it work on mobile too.

Source code is disponible at :

App link :

Feel free to give any feedback. :smile:

Just want to say wow and great job. How long did this take you?

One of the most impressive projects I’ve seen here!

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It took me 2 months but it was fun :smile:

Thank you

Hey, do you know how I can implement a toolbar in my project like the one you have in your project?

Here’s my project that I have worked on so far. It’s still in an initial stage.

You should take a look at the source code of my app, All buttons dispatch an action of the store (vuex here and redux for react), this action edit the state shared by many components like turn on edit mode and more.