Markdown Preview: Unsure why test aren't working - says I dont have things I clearly do

I’m working on the markdown preview project for the front end libraries certification and I’m not sure why the test aren’t working. The actual markdown previewer works perfectly and I have a default text that fits the given criteria, but the test tool simply says that I dont. Im pretty sure its just a formatting issue between what the test picks up and what I did, but I don’t know how to fix it. Anyone have any suggestions?


Hello there,

In MarkDown, an h1 is written like this: # This text is MarkDown h1
<h1> is HTML.

What I mean to say, is you have not put any MarkDown as your initial text. You have HTML.

Hope this clarifies.

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Ahhh, yes that clarifies immensely.

So now I understand that markdown is its own language, i try to put it into my placeholder however every time i press enter to make a new line it interrupts the string and starts coloring it white and treating it as plaintext. What can I do to make it allow me multiple lines?

You can do one of the following:

  1. Use \n to force a new line, and do not press enter.
  2. Wrap your string in backticks ` to allow you to have new lines. (To clarify: Replace the quotation marks with backticks)
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Yessss, thank you so much. I thought they were apostrophes when I saw them in the example. Thank you again, you and all the other FCC forum leaders are a godsend for new coders like me.