Markdown Previewer - all feedback appreciated

Howdy Campers!

Feedback on my Markdown Previewer would be greatly appreciated:

I created this app for a freeCodeCamp Build a Markdown Previewer Front End Libraries Project.

This was my first React app (exciting!), plus I’m slowly getting to grips with using Sass.

For parsing the Markdown, I used the Marked library. I also used the DOMPurify library for sanitizing the HTML string that Marked returns, as this seems to be recommended as best practice for mitigating XSS attacks. However, I not sure how necessary doing so is in this context?

@cakeisaliegaming Congrats on completing that project! That one was hard for me. I really like the styling on yours. You asked about how necessary it was to use DOMPurify on your page. I would say in the projects going above and beyond is best. These projects are where most of the learning comes from FreeCodeCamp. Learning new things and doing great on these projects are what teach you the most. It looks really nice. Good Job! Happy Coding! :smile:

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Thanks! Yeah, getting your hands dirty with coding these projects is definitely where most of the learning comes from.

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