Markdown Previewer - Certain markdowns not working

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In particular inline code (single back-tick), code block (triple back-tick), and block quote (>) are not working for some reason.

I did a search for the problem but couldn’t find any information on this.

Here is a link of my project (basic skeleton) in codepen

Would greatly appreciate if someone here could help me figure out. Thanks in advance.

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Just to verify if I am answering my own question correctly.

It is not the markdown previewer was not working as intended. But rather, I will need to style the inline code, code block, and block quote elements in the css?

Yes. You need to style the HTML in the #preview element.

Try writing this CSS rule:
code { background: black }

And your code will be highlighted with a black background.

It’s cause codepen sort of “forbids” or renders them as is. I had a problem for my technical doc page so i used this.