Markdown Previewer - Feedback appreciated!

Hi everyone!

I have just completed my markdown previewer.
Link here:

Would love to have some feedback!
Also, everything seems to be working except that the size of the editor and preview becomes small after I clear the editor, and also the buttons overlap.

Is there any way to fix the size of the textarea?
I have tried to disable the textarea resize and setting a fixed and max height but it doesn’t work.

Thanks in advance!

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I think your project looks good. Regarding your question, you currently have set the width and height of your #editor and #preview elements to 100%. This is the reason why when you clear it, it becomes smaller. Instead of having it at 100%, use some fixed values such as 500px and then it should stay the same size, no matter whether there is any text inside it or not.

Also I noticed you did not implement responsive design for your project so it looks good on mobile devices as well. If you are looking for an additional challenge I recommend you to additionally work on responsive design of your project.


Thanks! I tried your suggestion and it worked!

And yes, I do realize my project is lacking on responsive design. Responsive design is something that I don’t quite understand fully yet, so I will spend some time reading up and hopefully I can implement into this project.

Thanks for your suggestion!

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