Markdown Previewer - Feedback is welcome


This is my Markdown Previewer.
I saw on someone’s else project feedback a suggestion to add a save button.
I decided to give it a go.

Any feedback is welcome!
Thanks :slight_smile:

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Hi @samrosenf !

I think your project looks good.

I like that feature. Good call. :+1:

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Overall your project looks very nice. Shout out for adding a custom keyboard focus indicator on not only the Save button but also when the editor is focused.

Speaking of that Save button, it should be an actual <button> instead of an <a>. The general rule is: Links go places, buttons do things.

I think the responsiveness can be improved as well. With the default markdown in the editor, when I narrow my browser window the preview window does move below the editor but the editor is very skinny and takes up only half the available width. If I remove all of the default markdown then the preview window jumps back up to the right of the editor and they are both skinny and take only half the page each.

Thanks @bbsmooth for the feedback.
I put the button in a tag because that was the way I learned to implement the save feature.
Is surrounding the <button> in <a> tag in order to create this feature would be better?

Tried to change the look of the page, that’s the new version:

Actually, it should just be a <button>. Buttons should not be inside of links and links should not be inside of buttons.

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