Markdown Previewer - Feedback

Finished my Markdown Previewer project with React. Any thoughts on it?


Wow dude that is awesome.

Change the margins for mobile:

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Well done :slight_smile:

I think you need to spend more time styling the elements in the preview, though. Preview doesn’t show tables as tables, for example.

You can use a markdown test text to style your elements. I used this one. Some elements are missing, but it’s pretty useful.


Thanks, man! I let that pass.
Made the change, hope that’s work now.

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I simple forgot about the tables. I made some changes, hope that everything’s fine now, haven’t put much style though cause I want it to be as clean as possible.
Thank’s for the tips, that md file is very useful, i’m using this cheat-sheet as well .

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Also put your name on it somewhere.

Where it says “A FCC PROJECT” add “by Minggas” or something.

You are completely right, now it’s better. I’d put a footer with my name and site.
Thanks for the heads up.

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Yeah, also use fa fa icons to link to your other stuff like twitter, fcc, etc.