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Everything works fine until I insert the GitHub flavored markdown then my page just goes blank this is the 3rd attempt now. The same thing happens in visual studio code.

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Hi @Shakes.
If you open the console you should see an error like:

Uncaught TypeError: marked is not a function

And looking at your code there’s this line:

const Previewer = ({ content }) => <div id="preview" dangerouslySetInnerHTML={{
    __html: marked(content, { renderer: renderer})
}} />

What exactly is marked supposed to be here? As the error in the console is saying, marked is not a function.

Perhaps you wanted to write marked.parse() ?

Hope this helps :sparkles:

Thanks that helped, I’ve done it 3 different ways and every time I get to that point, I end up with a blank screen but it’s right now

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