Markdown previewer - have a look

Hey there, I’ve finished my markdown previewer.
I did it some days ago actually, but then I started working on the drum machine, got carried away, and forgot to post about it… :sweat_smile: .

Hi @Marco16168

Congratulations upon completing the project. It works perfectly. Time to add advanced features. Don’t you think?

Hey @nibble, thanks.

Talking about full-screen mode?

There are so many advanced features you can add to the project. One example is persisting what a user types in the textarea so that even if the user closes the browser tab, they will start from where they stopped the next time. Another one is adding a feature which enables the user download the output in pdf or other format after they are done typing.

Those are some great hints! I’ll see and try to implement at least the first one.

Hey, thanks again for the suggestions…local storage of user’s input was a cool and useful thing to learn and implement. Also, surprisingly easier than anticipated.

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