Markdown Previewer: marked library not working properly

Hi. My project seems to be passing all the tests (except the optional last one la). But my previewer isn’t rendering lists and images properly. I don’t know what to do.

Any help would be great! Here’s my codepen:

@nriegel95 It seem to be working;

Hi. If you scroll down, the lists and image aren’t rendering properly.

@nriegel95 List are! For image, the example page put invalid link so it won’t appear.

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Ok, you’re right. I put another image in and it worked. Thanks.

The lists still don’t seem to be rendering properly, though. They don’t seem to be indenting.

@nriegel95 I think it is working as you can see the nested list item bullet go colorless. If you want to make space goes in front of them you can style it in CSS or SCSS with selecting chain body>#root>#App>.preview>ul>li>ul>li and by using content property.

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Oh, I didn’t realize that’s normal html in the previewer, and thus accessible via css. Interesting. Thanks for your help!

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