Markdown Previewer- Problem with Test #5

(i’m still working on graphical aspect but this problem is making me crazy)
So i don’t have any idea why i can’t pass this test. Program works as it supposed to do (i even managed to add button which saves input as external file .html) but i think i should code default input in a different way but i don’t have a clue how.
Please help :no_mouth:
App on Github Pages: React App
Code on Github: GitHub - M4rt1/markdown-previewer: markdown previewer app - react/sass/marked/bootstrap

I see tags in Markdown Input, not anything in Markdown syntax

write some markdown representing an <h1> : expected false to be true

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Ooo, thank you!
I managed to get past h1 #5 test. Now i know what to do

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Good to hear, wish i could say the same :sweat_smile:

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