Markdown previewer project - some of my markdown text displays and some doesnt

I’m working on touching up my markdown previewer project when I noticed that some but not all of the string in the editor is rendering properly, which is really confusing me, I even checked the editor of the FCC example and the guy seems to get the markdown text through the same JS as me pretty much, here the link to my codepen, please help me see what’s wrong fellow programmers.

What do you mean by not rendering properly? Everything seems to be there as expected in first load, and afaics it correctly renders anything you type in

Compare what renders in mine versus what renders in the FCC example:

But what’s rendered by the markdown previewer is the same? If type in some markdown, the preview shows the expected result. Do you mean the styling?

The styling looks different yes that’s the problem, but is the FCC example custom styled for parts of the previewer text? For example, shouldn’t,

"And if you want to get really crazy, even tables:

Wild Header | Crazy Header | Another Header?
------------ | ------------- | ------------- "

show a table in the previewer WITHOUT custom styling?

The example has lots of CSS applied, whereas yours has very little (you have included bootstrap, but not really used much in the way of the classes it provides, so at the minute the reset it provides is just resetting styles to the bootstrap defaults)