Markdown Previewer + React + react-bootstrap

My Markdown Previewer project with React and recat-bootstrap
It’s was my first challenge when I try React and react-bootstrap
I have done it not on but on

My project
I know I need some improvements for project but for today it’s finished

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Looks functionally good, and code looks readable as well, nice job.
I started using React from markdown part as well. :slight_smile:

From issues I noticed (I know you not gonna rework it, but just to point things out), it would be great if editor could start without that huge arbitrary gap on the left when you increase windows size.

Also, there is inconsistency with label for windows. Editor has label outside of input field , but preview has label inside, making it look like it is part of previewed text, which is kinda weird.

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Thanks for advice,
The issues I will fix it tomorrow.