Markdown Previewer Test #4 failing

Here’s a link to my code

I’m failing test #4 : When I enter GitHub flavored markdown into the #editor element, the text is rendered as HTML in the #preview element as I type

With error : #preview’s only children should be those rendered by marked.js

Visually everything looks the same as the given example :

and upon inspecting the elements, both my code and the example return the same html within the #preview element, so what extra child am I rendering?

FYI I copied and pasted all the editor and preview components into the app component in a new pen and the tests all pass. Must be something wrong with passing state but I don’t see it.
Here’s the working version:

The previewer looks good @liambloor97. Maybe add some padding to the sides so that text doesn’t butt against the sides.

Good idea, added that :slight_smile: