Markdown project

Hello good afternoon. Can somebody help me please and review my project I have a problem with the test case #5. When it first loads up the default text should appear but it doesn’t. here’s my link

So where in your code are you inserting the default text?

That is where I’m confused where is it that I write it. It is asking me for a number of items but I thought you just write in the text area and it is displayed in the previewer that is it.

When you open your page you want the items it is asking for in #5 to be in the markdown editor (and thus it will also be in the preview window) automatically (no typing needed). So you have to put those items (a string containing the items) in your code somewhere so that the string will automatically be the initial value in the markdown editor and preview window. I don’t want to state the obvious here, but I wonder if there is some place in your code where you could initialize the markdown value?

I was trying to write it with

tags under the h1 in the preview div. I guess what I have to do is to write them in both the markdown and then in the previewer. Well thank for your help.