Markdown (review)

Can you review my project Mardown FCC, I think is done

I don’t really understand why do we have to use SASS here?
It’s really weird, React clearly don’t fit with a preprocessor.
I have almost no CSS to feed I just painted.

You should starting using SASS because it’s very popular, useful and you might as well get used to it. React works creat with preprocessors if you have a good build config. It’s not the ideal decision for this project, but it will help you learn.

I don’t see bootstrap in your package.json, but in your Readme you say you use it. Why do you even need bootstrap for such a small project? Consider getting rid of it.


  • Code isn’t tidied up
  • Overriding library classes is a bad idea
  • Try variables (just for practise, i realise it’s not practical if you have 20 lines of SASS)
  • Import bootstrap in your SASS from and npm package don’t import it from a CDN


const MarkDown = (props) => (
    <div className="col-6">
        <h2 className="">HTML</h2>
        <div className="display-md"></div>
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