<Markdown test4= "fail" />

so i am still working on the fancy bits for css, but the bones of my markdown project wont pass test number 4…

it seems work on my UI but still doesn’t pass the test.

i need a new set of eyes on this… can anyone tell me what direction i need to look in?

my markdown challenge

the error message:

AssertionError: The markdown in #editor is not being interpreted correctly and/or rendered into #preview : expected '<p>testing and…</p>' to equal '<p>testing and...</p>'

i super appreciate any help i can get!

it seems that your three dots have collapsed to a single character instead of three

any ideas why? i just copied and pasted that from the test suite error. if i type in " <p>testing and …</p> " directly into the editor it shows up properly on the viewer

no, sorry, React is not yet part of my knowledge

I was trying to understand what was the difference between what was the actual and the expected

ok. grazie per l’aiuto!

I’ll give you a hint, it has to do with the smartypants option.

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Thank you!!! looks like you are have the smart pants on around here!!

I guess you owe me a spiral staircase now :slight_smile:

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