Market your coding skills to local businesses

Have you worked with local business to offered your newly acquired coding skills?
if so, can you share your experience of how did you approach the client, and offer your service?

The knowledge you obtained from FCC is very valuable and besides getting a coding job, like many of you did, has anyone tried to market their coding skills to a local business?

I’d like to hear your thoughts!

Thank you.

Hey (I answer from Europe, so the situation can differ)
The point is if you finished the complete FCC challenge the skills you get will be very valuable, but at the end in coding web applications you reach the niveau of an average computer science student.
This will give you a solid basis for a junior position in web development.

But otherwise not really qualify you for running your own business, because our skill set is extremely one dimensional and you lack knowledge in designing, coding, maintain and running a web development business.

At the end you likely will be able to acquire and handle one customer for little money per month(for a long period), whats perfectly okay if you do it from a learning perspective, but not with the intention to earn money.

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