Markup underlines

Hello campers, please help me look at my code and see why my markup is being underlined. I can’t seem to find the reason for that. This is a page I am making for practice.

here’s the link…

the <a> tag by default has underline. You need to set the text decoration to none in css.

check out this link for more help :

I would advise against that - the underline is part of the language of the web - unless you convert them into buttons or something else that is clearly pressable.

The real problem is that you aren’t closing your anchor tags:

        <li><a href="home">Home</li>

should be:

        <li><a href="home">Home</a></li>

Without that, it assumes that everything after it is still part of that anchor.

well said :raised_hands:

Wow…thanks @kevinSmith not have seen that? Thank you again.

Well, that’s how you learn. You probably won’t make that mistake again. Or if you do, you’ll know what to check. Being a good developer doesn’t mean not making mistakes. It means you make few of them, and more importantly, you get better at tracking them down. Having experience making a lot of mistakes is part of that.

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