Master mind exercise

Hello, I need help to solve this exercise, please!

Write a program that allows you to play a simplified version of the Master Mind game. The
game will consist of guessing a string of different numbers. At the beginning, the program must
ask for the length of the string (from 2 to 9 digits). Then the program should ask you to try to guess the string of numbers.
guess the string of numbers. At each attempt, the program will report how many numbers have been guessed correctly (the program will
(the program will consider that a number has been guessed correctly if the value and the position match).
-Tell me the length of the string: 4
-Try to guess the string: 1234
-With 1234 you have guessed 1 values. Try to guess the string: 1243
-With 1243 you guessed 0 values. Try to guess the string: 1432
-With 1432 you guessed 2 values. Try to guess the string: 2431
-With 2431 you guessed 4 values. Congratulations

Firstly, welcome to the forums.

While we are primarily here to help people with their Free Code Camp progress, we are open to people on other paths, too. Some of what you are asking is pretty trivial in the Free Code Camp context, so you might find that if you’re not getting the instruction and material you need in your current studies, the FCC curriculum will really help you get started. At a modest guess I’d say investing a 4-5 hours working through the curriculum here will really pay off. You can find the curriculum at

With your current questions, we don’t have enough context to know what you already know or don’t know, so it is impossible to guide you without just telling you the answer (which we won’t do).

It is pretty typical on here for people to share a codepen / / jsfiddle example of what they have tried so that anyone helping has more of an idea of what help is actually helpful.

Please provide some example of what you’ve tried and I’m sure you’ll get more help.

Happy coding :slight_smile:

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