Match Characters that Occur Zero or More Times 2

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let chewieQuote = "Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrgh!";
let chewieRegex = /a-r*/i; // Change this line
let result = chewieQuote.match(chewieRegex);

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/a-r/ will search for just that, “a-r”. Here’s an example:

let chewieQuote = "Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa-rrrgh!";
let chewieRegex = /a-r*/i; 
let result = chewieQuote.match(chewieRegex);
console.log(result); //returns "a-rrr"

You’re only looking to return the a’s in this one. The instructions mention you don’t need flags, which is a hint about what needs to be inside the slashes instead…