Match Everything But Letters and Numbers2

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// running test
Your regex should use the global flag.
Your regex should find 6 non-alphanumeric characters in “The five boxing wizards jump quickly.”.
Your regex should find 8 non-alphanumeric characters in “Pack my box with five dozen liquor jugs.”
Your regex should find 6 non-alphanumeric characters in “How vexingly quick daft zebras jump!”
Your regex should find 12 non-alphanumeric characters in “123 456 7890 ABC def GHI jkl MNO pqr STU vwx YZ.”
// tests completed

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let quoteSample = "The five boxing wizards jump quickly.";
let nonAlphabetRegex = /\W/; // Change this line
let result = quoteSample.match(nonAlphabetRegex).length;

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But there is any global flag with your pattern. Add a g at the end of pattern should pass the challenge.

Look at the message on the right you are getting: “Your regex should use the global flag.”

If you are not sure what the global flag is, try looking it up in a previous lesson or a web search.