Match Single Characters Not Specified lesson

Is it me or the lesson is badly written when it asks to match all characters that are not a number?

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let quoteSample = "3 blind mice.";
let myRegex = /[^aeiou0-9]/gi; // Change this line
let result = quoteSample.match(myRegex); // Change this line

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Challenge: Match Single Characters Not Specified

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Edit: thanks for help I figured it out :slight_smile:

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The instructions I’m seeing for this challenge say:

“Create a single regex that matches all characters that are not a number or a vowel.

had no problem understanding the vowel part but not a number, like there are infinite numbers got me confused lol

Yes, but you are matching individual characters here, and so there are only 10 numbers that a character could be.


if I am matching it off the string, it’s still 11 characters, where did you get 10 numbers from?

Would you prefer digit or numeral?

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The use of the word ‘number’ is consistent with previous lessons;1:

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Yes, you are applying the regex to a string but the pattern is only looking at one character in the string at a time.


This says “For each character in the string check if it is not a vowel and not a number”. Since the pattern is only being applied to one character at a time, how many possible numbers, digits, numerals, etc… are there for a character in the string?


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