Match Single Characters Not Specified : my code is not working

Please whats wrong with this code :

let quoteSample = "3 blind mice.";
let myRegex = /[ˆaeiouˆ0-9]/gi; // Change this line
let result = quoteSample.match(myRegex); // Change this line

I keep getting this error: Your regex myRegex should match 9 items.

Please provide a link to the challenge so we can see what the actual task is.

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Link to the challenge:

this seem to be the wrong character, you need to use ^ instead

also, you need to put it only right after the opening square parenthesis, if you put it other parts you are also including the character ^ in the character class


this is what I am using ˆ where do i find the other character on my keyboard. I am using a mac

I don’t know where you can find it on a mac, but that is the wrong character, you are using ˆ, you need to use ^

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okay. will look for it. thanks

Worst case: just copy-paste the symbol here from a message ^^
Ofcourse if you work more with RegEx you need to figure out how to write the symbol. But if this single thing is blocking your learning progress, this is a way to work around it for the moment.

well, if a challenge is blocking you for something like this, or a bug, or something, just go to next challenge

yeah I figured it out. it is my keyboard preference. thanks

false, only the projects are necessary for the certificate

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