Math operations in Es6

So I’m about 10 lessons deep into the es6 tutorial. Even using the hints provided and having the answers to look at, what the lessons are asking for us to do is about as clear as mud. One thing that would probably help would be to maybe to know the specifics behind the “Math” operations? Looking over the curriculum there doesn’t seem to be any lessons on the subject. Not prior to the es6 course anyway, I only briefly skimmed the rest. It just up to us to find that info on our own or am I not looking in the right place?

I do not belive FCC is a 100% comprehensive course on all things JS. Its important to refer to external resources, especially when it comes to how the API works.

I personally always recommend MDN, as it provides great tutorials/examples/use-cases and more details any developer would need to almost any JS API.
Things like if it is supported in browsers, and if its “experimental” or not. Its an excellent go-to resource.

Ok I wasn’t trying to be overly critical or anything, just wasn’t sure if I missed a section or perhaps maybe I should be trying the es6 set of lessons after doing one section or another that come later in the curriculum. I did all the basic js and responsive web design lessons prior to starting it and didn’t run into near as many problems understanding what was being asked of us to do. That may be because most of it was review though.

Most of the Es6 stuff is somewhat new to me and while I feel like I get the new principle each lesson is trying to explain, when putting it into practice and trying to complete the exercise, I seem to run into questions that are expected to be known prior to the lesson. I can browse back through the curriculum for some of the answers, they’ll usually be one of the finer points about one rule or another, but then there are some things I’m just left scratching my head over, even after looking at the answer up in the hint section.

You can use this as a way to exercise your Read-Search-Ask skills and familiarise with the documentation (MDN)
Or return to it later

Honestly I’d rather just stick to read and search. Ask is like a last resort when I’m absolutely fed up but still need an answer, otherwise I typically rather avoid communication and go a different route altogether. If for no other reason because I rarely have the patience to sit and wait on a response.
I haven’t gotten particularly stuck on any one thing yet so far, but as a whole, this section has me about to that point so I figured I’d take as second an ask if I was missing something before I went searching for another set of lessons that might be more, not comprehensive, but redundant would possibly be the right term I’m looking for? Not that there isn’t any repetition built-in at all, it just seems like maybe its a little too spaced out to be really effective at aiding retention. At least it is for my gerbil brain.

A lot of people think that this part is too early in the curriculum as it uses a lot of things that are explained later, so it may be the first time one encounter some methods and such

But still, no coding course is comprehensive of everything, a lot of things you will find only browsing the documentation

yea I think I can agree with those people :joy: