Math Preparation?

Apologies if this isn’t in the right forum or scope of the forum.

I am going on 30 and trying to enroll in a local software development program. I am required to pass what they call Math 1.

That is the practice packet and they say if you know everything in there you will pass. I tend to over worry and over think so I want to be prepared.

Anyone skim through that and give me what level of math it goes to? I’m trying to match up everything with a Khan Academy course to relearn and refresh but I’m having trouble.

It will be no calculator, no multiple choice and timed. I am horrible at test I tend to lock up. So any insights on what grade levels or areas to focus based on the practice packet linked.

Thanks in advanced.

Hi @iTzSocrates !

Welcome to the forum!

I skimmed through it and it looks like basic grade schools math problems.
Early middle school?

It just has basic word problems, fractions and decimals.
Stuff you learned in elementary and early middle school years.
I would just go through it and do the problems with a timer to simulate the real thing.
Then you can see how you did.

But I think you will be fine.

Okay I appreciate it. I overthink everything in life and just hate tests.

Just never can put a concept to a grade level so wasn’t sure how far up I should go. Probably will be over prepared but better than under.

Thanks again.

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I think you will be fine.
Plus there are plenty of math tutorials on youtube that you can go over if you want on some of these concepts.

Thank you I will do some review and then go test. Getting old sucks. Again thanks for the info.

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You’re not old.
I am also turning 30 in a few months :grinning:

It will all work out.

Haha thank you. Just felt that way when I opened the packet and it looked like a different language to me. Which is weird because I can grasp more complex things but fractions and decimals broke my spirit ha.

I admire your courage to start something new. At thirty, I will suggest that you complete the packet thoroughly as I taught (for more than a decade) at a community college and students out of high school more than 5 years would often flub questions like this (due to lack of current practice in the adult world of these specific skills) and would be forced into remediation they did not need. It was discovered that simple review of our adult learner data that careful review was usually sufficient to help your age group streamline their courses. In addition to Khan, you could try the relevant sections from here

and, if you wouldn’t find it too babyish, the fraction and decimal games from mathplayground (I know, 6th grade math) not because you think like a 6th grader but because it has been far too long since you needed this sort of math (and games give a measurable goal and tolerable path). Best of luck and remember, the review completed well will save you weeks of remediation. I am certain you will be one your chosen path shortly.

I really appreciate thr insight that’s where I am sitting. I’m a Sytsem Administrator by career so I’m rather embarrassed to be struggling with this so much.

I appreciate the links. Explain like I’m 5 is sometimes the best approach for my brain to click back the memories. I got so used to a calculator they said all by hand no multiple choice my brain broke ha.

I really appreciate all the info and support!

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