How to index a highest value from one column and pull the value of the value from the adjacent column on the same row. Example: Find Column 4 highest value and then pull in column 1’s same row value. I am learning in MATLAB.

just curious - what are you using matlab for?

A student learning tool learning basic coding.

I guess something like this should work:

[MAX_COL_4, INDEX] = max(A(:,4))
COL_1 = A(INDEX, 1)

I suggest learn javascript for your first language - matlab is optimized for engineering and science applications

just start with freecodecamp exercises

Thanks!! Agree. freecodecamp has been very helpful. This is an engineering class.

that’s what I thought - well if you have to learn it for class …

it’s great stuff especially for vector operations which are difficult or slow in general programming languages like javascript

sounds like you are doing freecodecamp in parallel - that’s good