May Free Code Camp Meetup!

Meeting up, especially with people who haven’t been coding for years, would be awesome! I’m currently pretty flexible during the day; the job I have right now is remote and without a set work schedule (I hope that changes soon, though). Evenings, pretty much any day other than Wednesday is good.

Where is totally open, so long as it’s within easy bus-distance of South Eugene. I’m in a 1-car household, and my husband drives to LCC most mornings to tutor in the writing center.

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Assuming we get something regular on the books I’m more than happy to let you car pool with me if needed. That goes for anyone within a reasonable distance from me really.


Hi all, would love to get involved with a potential meetup. I’ve been learning to code through the Open Source Society University, getting into FreeCodeCamp to learn some web development. My only inflexible commitment is a tutoring client 2-4 on weekdays except Wednesday, so besides that any time!


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That’s great Kirk! Sounds like you’ll be super flexible.
Hopefully we can set our first meet and study session up in may.

I’m in! Depending on the time I suppose, I’m available after 5pm except for on Wed + Thurs (soccer coaching). Although, anytime after say 7PM on those days I would be available. Just let us know!

How does 6pm, may 5 sound? You can RSVP above :arrow_double_up:


I’m 99.99% sure I’ll be able to make it so I went ahead and RSVP’d. I’ll touch base if it turns out I can’t make it. Hope to see everyone there!

Sounds great! I’ll let you all know if I can’t make it. Friday evenings and Saturday and Sunday tend to work best for me.

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I’ll check with The Husband and see if he’ll allow me to run away for a bit on Sunday. After Hack For a Cause last week, I’m having to tread carefully!

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Sounds great, hope to see you there! Feel free to reach out if you need to carpool with me.

Rain is officially booked with a recurring date of the first Sunday at 6pm of every month until the next Y2K!

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I won’t be able to make it due to a number of factors. Maybe next month!

Just ring the bell and I’ll let you in!
(I brought few snacks as well)

We (gingerbreadmanic and I) got stuck here with auger issues. The joys of home ownership, ugh. I’m so sorry we’re not showing. :disappointed:

Oh no… well, we’ll have to keep trying!
Time to start thinking about the next date?
I’ll know more about my schedule next week, but I’ll for sure be gone the first weekend

Usually the weekend setup will be good for us. It would have been yesterday as well if the day hadn’t fallen apart in the way it did. We started attempting to drill post holes for our new fence early and we just had nothing but trouble with the rented auger so it took all day and we didn’t even make it halfway through.

How’d the meet go? We plan to be at the next one. @mckelveygreg

It was only me and another friend of mine :slight_smile: But we’ll get it going…
I know more at the beginning on next week about my schedule for June, but you may need to take it this time! Maybe someday we can actually meet up in person :slight_smile:

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Hi all,

I am very interested in a meetup for coding. My schedule is usually pretty flexible since I work from home. Anyway, let’s talk dates soon and get together soon :).

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I would also like to meet up and currently have a lot of availability! Im a fan of doodles if the group wants to create a regular meeting time.

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@mckelveygreg Should we make a new calendar event for Junes meet or should we wait until it gets closer? If you’re unable to make it I can go and be host although I don’t have a keycard or anything to let myself in. Not sure exactly how RAIN does things?