May I have feedback?

I need a feedback on my personal porfolio page. Thank you in advance. This is a link to it on code pen.
Personal portfolio page (

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@haahinnawy I just saw you project and I really love your enthusiasm and motivation to learn web development regardless of your status in life. :slight_smile:

My feedback:

  • Practice a good habit of indenting code blocks in HTML and CSS; this will help you a lot in debugging and readability.
  • Learn about the Contrast, Repetition, Alignment, and Proximity concept in designing you projects.
  • Explore the use of other web safe fonts (e.g., Google Fonts).

Cheers for being a life long learner! :beers:


Thank you ery much. I appreciate your advice and may ask you for more help as I actually need to understand more.

I am viewing it from a mobile view just to give you a heads up. The mobile and the media screens can use some work as your understanding and learning get better. There is a lot of space up top before your title, some of the content goes off the screen. Meaning it doesnt fit the screen for the screen size I am viewing it on.

I would suggest looking at other portfolio sites and see others have their page structured. Again, this all comes with tine and practice of making projects. Right now, the layout from the mobile view is not the best looking.

Just a few things to keep in mind as you continue on your journey

Thak you very much. I’ll look at the issues you raised. Your note is very helpful.

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