May I take blogging as a career and can make money?

I just started to code… I am thinking of starting a blog… How can I make money blogging?? Plz share some resources… Thanks in advance

This isn’t likely to be something you can make money from, it’s not really a career. I mean, if you became a famous blogger and loads of people read you, you could advertise for companies. But as no-one reads blogs I think the chances of that happening to you are pretty low.

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You can make a lot of money as a blogger the same way you would if you became a best selling author, or a successful youtuber/streamer you become famous. With that you can make money off ads shown on your blog, and or endorsements.

However, the plan of making money shouldn’t require “getting famous” because that’s basically harder than just “winning the lotto”. Simply put the main factor for getting famous is pure luck, any guide telling you otherwise is focusing on all the other aspects, but none hold a candle to the fact it requires a ton of luck.

Blogging can be a way to make some side cash, or expand your “presence” so you can network and promote yourself for other jobs on topics.

So generally, blogging can be, but it requires a ton of things to go right. Luckily I see no reason to stop you from blogging and see where it goes. You could get lucky, but there isn’t a “path” to success for this sorta stuff, you have to forge your own.

Good luck!