Maybe a stupid question for some but (max-width width vw)

css file

In step 39 we have to put max-width and min-width.
On top of that we have to put width: 60vw.

Can someone explain to me what 60vw means or what it does in this context?
Thanks in advance

Not a stupid question, but I would suggest Googling something like this first — or typing it into the search bar at the top of the Free Code Camp (FCC) site. The site has a lot of articles on things covered by the course, including this one, which you can find by searching for “vw” in the FCC search bar. If you can’t find an answer on FCC, then you can go to Google and look for results from dependable, beginner-friendly sources, like W3 Schools, CSS Tricks, and MDN ( Hope that helps!

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