Maybe an error in the course?

Attached is a screenshot of a page.
After running the test an error saying ‘there should be no div tag’
But I just can’t find any div tag.
Help Camper cat to find the elusive div tag.

Hello there,

This is likely an issue with your browser, or a browser extension is affecting the page. It is recommended to disable all browser extensions access to freeCodeCamp.

Otherwise, would you mind sharing a link to the challenge? The more information you provide, the more likely we will be able to help.

Did you have any extensions? such as dark mode (or) ad blocker and also make sure your browser’s zoom level is 100% because these are the common reasons for the failing of the tests.

It would help to provide your code instead of a screenshot as well.

I have had the same extensions for all the previous and later challenges.
I only had this one time problem

Maybe my zoom was different.
It was many hours ago so I cannot say right now.

Yeah - too late as it was few hours back.
next time.
but the screenshot is of the code which as you can see does not seem to have any extra div.
all good.

Sure, I can look at some of the code in the screenshot, but without your full code I can’t attempt to reproduce the issue.

the rest of the code is the code provided from FCC so I thought it will be right there waiting for anyone to have a look at it.
Any how it may just been a private instance issue.
Thanks for being great.

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