Maybe some Advice

So this for everyone who needs it

We all know that coding and programming can get really tedious and sometimes boring/ frustrating

So please, maybe some of us who have been coding for a very long time, could you guys put some advice in this thread to help us get through this block?

I am a newer user myself who jabbed herself into a very large project and i have been stuck for a while and i kinda lost my motivation.

So any advice on to keep us going? What do you do when you get too frustrated, or lose motivation?

Codewars… Or other forms of “code candy” - quick and easy puzzles, instant-gratification projects, that sort of thing. And if all else fails, commit to working for 15 minutes, and then give yourself permission to get up, take a break, do whatever. I often find that just getting started again is the hardest part, and that 15 minutes is enough time to get me past that hurdle.