Measuring progress

Hello every one .I am working on my technical skills .I have decided to contribute 9 - 10 hour daily. . I want to take account of my every hour spent on coding and other stuff .Can any one suggest me some ways to keep account of my progress on my Linux desktop .I want my progress to get stored on my computer .Is there any other interesting methods or any application to keep measuring your milestone .

Perhaps WakaTime is what you are looking for, I haven’t used it myself but maybe @JacksonBates could comment more since he mentioned it not too long ago.

For future reference, in English there should be no space before a comma, semicomma, colon or a terminal punctuations (I hope I haven’t missed anything)—that’s important for when you write your resume, tidy up your portfolio, or writing copies for your clients.

Good luck. :slight_smile:

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WakaTime gives a really nice break down of your metrics, including days and times you coded, the languages you used, the projects you worked in and whether you met personal goals (like coding at least an hour every day).

It’s very good, and integrates with most editors and IDEs.

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