Media Queries and Responsive Web Designs

Greetings to you all,
Anyway guys I need to understand something about media queries like how many media queries can you create in your code.
Or is it good to create different media queries for all of your contents.
And how can I add horizontal scroll bar that can been seen in small devices like cellphones?

Hey @19alema!

You can use as many Media Queries you want to make you webpage responsive. The total point is that you page should be responsive as the RWD R stands for Responsive. Make sure that the media Queries don’t messed up in the code. Keep clean so other coders can understand.

Hope this helps you!

Thanks and Happy Coding! :grin:

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Hi @19alema,

As per my knowledge,

You can add as many media queries as you want.
Adding media queries help you to create respnsive web (you might have learned in responsive web design principles)

Horizontal bars aren’t recommend but if there is need for that you can add ‘oveflow’ propety to your elements and can set the value to ‘auto’ or 'scroll.



Thanks my dear, your suggestion helps.

Thanks my friend, that suggestion helps.

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