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Under the media query–the second half of the css file, I am unable to wrap the social media text and icons. I don’t see how I can use a grid or flexbox to do so because the spacing is uneven but am not sure that it qualifies to be able to use ‘overflow-wrap’. I am also having an issue with wrapping the text in the footer. I think that this may have to do with the grid format but do not know how to further troubleshoot.

Thanks for your help!

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first thing is in your media query you don’t have to add this code every time

  * {

because * is universal selector and you have added it multiple time.
same for your body element , you have added already margin and padding to 0px you don’t have to add again .
long story short , just add those thing in media query that are going to change

there are lot of changes you have to make , so first make your stylesheet small because you have added same code again and again . then try to find out, why is your projects are not floating and after that , if you can’t figure out then i will try .
thank you!

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