Media Query Confusion

I am having trouble with my GitHub repository appearing weird on mobile devices. It doesn’t look the same on mobile device as it does on desktop. How can I keep that floating text for the paragraphs on a desktop to be on other devices as well? Which query should I use? Tyler McMichael

Can you send a screenshot of what part you’re asking about? The icon images?

Screenshot of how it looks on desktop and mobile?

No, I can click the link and see your website just fine. I don’t know what you perceive to be an error, though. Can you be a bit more specific, preferably with pictures, about where the issue is?

Not sure what you mean by floating text for the paragraphs?

BTW, you should increase the width of the paragraphs. The legibility isn’t great with such short line lengths. You should also break the text up into multiple paragraphs.

The images are also not responsive and will cause an overflow. Set a max-width: 100% to let them scale down.

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