Media query is not being detected

I am doing the documentation project but it doesn’t look like the CDN link is detecting media query.

Is anyone experiencing the same problem?

Hi, it would help if we can see your code.
Personally I did not experience the issue when I was doing that project.

Here is my project , any help would be appreciated.

Your webpage looks really nice!
When I run the test on full screen your page passes 16/16. When I narrow the viewport completely it fails test number 1 of layout, with an error message that reads:

Please run this test in a larger window (before any media queries) : expected 400 to be above 850

Which simply means the test wants to see if your navbar is positioned correctly in the case of fullscreen. So there’s nothing wrong code-wise.

In both cases test #2 of layout which concerns the presence of a media query passes for me. Your page is fine.

What did you do because before I posted my project it was telling me that it was not detecting media query but now I got 16/16…

Haha I didn’t do anything, nor could I have as it is your codepen. I’m not sure what happened, happy little accident perhaps?

Thanks for the help even though you didn’t do anything I still appreciates it.
Now its time for my Personal Portfolio!

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