Media Query - simple way to resize everything or most?

Hello -
Is there a way to do a simple resize of everything?
or do you need to media query and style / size each individual main box impacted by screen size?


That is a very broad question. Do you want to resize images? divs? form elements?

Media queries are the best way in responsive design to resize things with regards to the viewport.

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You can use Bootstrap to do a lot of the heavy lifting, but you’ll still need media queries for the fine tuning.

Yeah, sorry. Maybe is… I just meant if multiple boxes and elements need resizing if u must do them all individually…i guess i will play around more with it till i understand it more.

Could you elaborate a bit more.
What exactly are you wanting to do?

You’ll be getting into the realm of Grid or Flexbox, with auto-fill and auto-fit, so I don’t know how versed you are in those.