Medical Data Visualizer - how to get function right?

I’m working on the project and have my first plot basically correct, but for some reason the functions output two figures.


# Draw Categorical Plot
def draw_cat_plot():
    # Create DataFrame for cat plot using `pd.melt` using just the values from 'cholesterol', 'gluc', 'smoke', 'alco', 'active', and 'overweight'.
    df_cat = pd.melt(df, id_vars = 'cardio', value_vars = ['cholesterol', 'gluc', 'smoke', 'alco', 'active', 'overweight'])
    df_cat['total'] = 0

    # Group and reformat the data to split it by 'cardio'. Show the counts of each feature. You will have to rename one of the columns for the catplot to work correctly.
    df_cat = df_cat.groupby(['cardio', 'variable', 'value']).count().reset_index()

    # Draw the catplot with 'sns.catplot()'
    bar = sns.catplot(x='variable', y = 'total', hue = 'value', col = 'cardio', data = df_cat, kind = 'bar')
    fig = bar.fig

    # Do not modify the next two lines
    return fig

This outputs:

I only want one, obviously, but get two.

Next is the heat map:

def draw_heat_map():
    # Clean the data
    #df_heat = df.drop("bmi", axis = 1)
    df_heat = df
    df_heat = df_heat[df_heat["ap_lo"] <= df_heat["ap_hi"]]
    df_heat = df_heat[df_heat["height"] >= df_heat["height"].quantile(0.025)]
    df_heat = df_heat[df_heat["height"] <= df_heat["height"].quantile(0.975)]
    df_heat = df_heat[df_heat["weight"] >= df_heat["weight"].quantile(0.025)]
    df_heat = df_heat[df_heat["weight"] <= df_heat["weight"].quantile(0.975)]
    # Calculate the correlation matrix
    corr = df_heat.corr()

    # Generate a mask for the upper triangle
    mask = np.triu(np.ones_like(corr, dtype=bool))

    # Set up the matplotlib figure
    fig, ax = plt.subplots(figsize = (10, 12))

    # Draw the heatmap with 'sns.heatmap()'
    sns.heatmap(corr, mask = mask, vmax = 0.3, center = 0, annot = True,
           square = True, linewidths=0.5, cbar_kws={"shrink": 0.5})

    # Do not modify the next two lines
    return fig

This outputs:

Do you know how I edit it to just put out one figure? Thanks.

It looks like this code for creating the plots is mostly working because when I use your plots with my data analysis, I get one plot of each and not two so I can’t replicate your problem.

Without all your code or a link to the project, all I can do is speculate. Are you running this in a notebook or IDE? Does your data frame accidentally have multiple sets of data in it?

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