Meet the Node console : Haris abdullah

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Freecodecamp test fail

Challenge: Meet the Node console

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i do the

console.log("Hello World") ;

in myApp.js but test not done

you dont need

module.exports = app;

you just have to
console.log('Hello World");

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That would cause an error because server.js requires app, but @Harisabdullah I see you’re working in VS Code, are you submitting a live link to your project (is it hosted online, like on You can’t submit a project that is only running locally on your computer.

Just for clarification: For non-projects, localhost can be used to progress through challenges.

@Harisabdullah On the page you submit your project, could you open the devtools, and look for any errors in the console? It is likely there are some CORS errors.

Mind blown, wished I had known that when I went through some of the challenges. I always hated having to work on replit instead of my editor.

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