Meet the Node console - Not Found when running on local host, herokuapp and repli

Hi, I am doing the Meet the Node console. Although it passed the challenge but it says “Not Found” on the localhost: 3000, Herokuapp, and

Hope can someone help. Thanks.


Heroku and repl links


The reason is that there is no response from the server to a request on /. That is something you write in the next exercises. The way it works is more or less like this:

  • You write a node js script that listens for requests at a specific port
  • The script filters requests by method and route
  • You write the code for the response.

In this case, there is a server listening in port 3000, but there is no response to the requests.

To solve all that mess, you need first to learn how to use Node JS.


For anyone who struggled like me and this person completing this lesson with replit, follow the below mentioned steps:

  1. Don’t use the Replit starter boiler link provided in the exercise page. Your submission will fail.

  2. Instead, use the GitHub repo link provided on the same page & create a new Replit project by Importing the boilerplate from the GitHub repo link provided.
    Replit Create New project modal on Replit page

  3. Now follow the rest of the exercise as per the steps in the new cloned project, and you should be able to successfully complete the exercise.

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Thank you! This worked for me!

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