Meeting with much difficulty trying to use

I really, really want to be able to use C9, but am running into some complexities I do not encounter in other IDEs.

Here is the simple explanation of the problem, leaving out details of the last couple hours I have spent researching and trying to resolve this:

First, I go the Clementine template up and working just fine per the “Get Set” instructions. It works and I can click away to my heart’s delight.

So, as a test, I wanted to point the Login button on the Login page to a view I had built and added to the public folder.

I added the html page for the new view ( call it ‘join.html’). It is basically a carbon copy of the Login page with just another field added.

In index.js I added the following:

	.get(function (req, res) {
		res.sendFile(path + '/public/join.html');

Then back on the original Login page, I pointed the href for the button to ‘/join’ rather than ‘/auth/github’

Now, when am at the Login page and click the blue button, the server (Chrome) returns “cannot Get /join”

What gives?


I was encountering the problem due to security ploicies on my other computer! Stuff is working now!