Hello everyone,

I recently started taking python classes (Coursera), and the instructor mentioned that FreeCode Camp might have code camps and other various meets.

Is that the case? I understand the course was recorded likely a while ago and likely before COVID so… things might be different.

Essentially, trying to build connections in the programming world, particularly (for now) in the Python world.

My first day on the forum too so not sure how this works, I hope I’ll get notifications for the reply and all that… Feel free to write and I will write back when I can

Hello @cazainea welcome to freeCodeCamp forums!

There were a few in-person meetups before COVID, however they were usually organized individually, with some being more popular and others.

However your right, COVID more or less canceled all of them. Few if any have come back.

FreeCodeCamp is aware of this, and has a number of places to help you network/communicate with others. Such as the official discord, or even this forum!

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