Meetup and Slack channel for Manchester (UK) FCCers ☔

Hello Manchester!

Just a quick one to mention that there is a burgeoning community of FCCers in this fine city.

If you’d like to get involved, we’re meeting monthly at Codeup manchester and there is also a slack channel going on (PM me for an invite).

If you’re doing FCC and you’re in the area - give us a shout!


Thanks, I’ve just started FCC and would love to find others in Manchester to work through it with .

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Hey guys,

Good to see a couple of FFCers in Manchester!

Will be going to Codeup Manchester. Hopefully see you there!


Will be there :slight_smile:

Hello People! @thepeted thanks for the Codeup Manchester information. nice to meet fellow coders. hope to make it for the next meeting.

See you there @sanuhcol :smiley: We also have a slack channel going (PM for an invite) and are trying to revive the facebook group.

You sir have made my day.

I have been wanting to attend something like this but I never knew there was one in Manchester.

Thank you for the information.