Mega menu responsive : flex direction column + flex wrap

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I have a list of links in a mega menu that I want to be responsive (not mobile formats only desktops ). I used display flex, flex-direction: column and flex-wrap:wrap I am setting a height of the container for the column to wrap up into different columns. I don’t know the best way to make it responsive. Is there a way for the columns to only fill the space available but adapt to the size of the container? At the moment, I am using max-width but it doesn’t seem to be an optimal solution.

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We really need a link to this so we can look at it for ourselves.

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try using rows instead of columns, and use flex-grow and flex-basis, I find more easy to handle flex rows instead of cols for responsiveness. Then you can use min-width for mobile layout. Also if you can, try to avoid using height unless is necessary.

If you need more help please post your code or a link, is hard to help you with an image.

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