Memorizing everything


I was wondering if it is normal to not remember formats/commands. Instead, keep the formats/commands you have learned saved somewhere and reference them when you have to create something or do a project. I ask because I don’t think there is ANY way I would be able to remember every.single.command.

It goes for all of us. That’s why googling everytime is very common but it’s important to at least understand the concepts. It’s normal.

Not remembering everything you have learned is normal. I too have been there whenever I build the practice projects given to me through the course (I’m still at Responsive Web Design Beta).

If I do forget something, I would search it up on Google and read what was said from there as reference. I also take note of what I learned (I didn’t wrote everything) as I go through the course (You can do this if you want).

Like @xynoan said, understanding what you have read and applying it to when you are building something is imperative when becoming a full-time Developer (I might be wrong but try to not memorize as much as you would probably forget it overtime if you don’t use it that often).

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