Mental Breakdown thanks to JavaScript

Hi guys,
am I the only one who is desperate and often looks up for the code solutions? I mean, without issue I can understand the final codes, but mates, the my-idea-convert-into-the-programm is sometimes unrealisticly overthinking and surrealy wrong. I just wanted to share my hardly optimistic steps and to see if I’m the only one struggling with this, that’s all :smiley:

It’s hard, rewarding and infuriating in equal measure. You can learn a lot from understanding how other people tackle problems, but nothing beats figuring it out for yourself first, however ugly your solution might seem. With experience, it will become easier!

Hi @Patri22k !

Nope :slight_smile:

Thousands of beginners have gone through this.
I remember going through this when I was first learning.
But the key is to take it one day at a time.
Eventually the concepts will start to sink in.

It took me a while to learn JavaScript but now I really enjoy it and work professionally as a developer.

That’s also completely normal.
You are still new to all of this so it will take time before you are able to write cleaner solutions.

You are completely normal.
It will start to make sense eventually.
Just give it time :+1:


Hi my friend!!

It’s normal at the beginning to get stuck, read this useful article

swowmonkey’s approach, is what you need, even you could read this

have passion , programing is hard at first :sunglasses:


Thanks guys so much! I’ve learnt a lot thanks to your amazing replies. Kudos to every single one of you :smile:


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