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I was about to post a topic about programming and mental health - remote work and healthy habits, more specifically - and I noticed the lack of the category of Mental health. In my view, it would interesting and very helpful to have a specific category for this, since we acknowledge an exponential growth of mental challenges post-pandemic and also with the new paradigm of remote work opportunities. This way, people could share their professional/personal struggles related to programming and help others by sharing experiences and coping strategies. What do you think?

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Honestly, I’d put such questions in #general or #career

Topics that don’t get much traffic just become ghost towns and get in the way. Also, we are primarily a code education forum - none of us are certified in any way to give mental health advice. We can give tips and tricks based upon our experience, but we really shouldn’t imply that we are a mental health resource, IMHO.

(Side note: this really belongs in #contributors and not #support)

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