Mentor Needed for Backend Projects

Mentor Needed

I have breezed through the front end certificate and have a good understanding of JS. But I am having problems with the back end projects. The API projects were quite doable and I went through the tutorial of ClementineJS to see how everything fits together, typing everything myself, but now that I am trying to build something a little more complex, I have hit a wall. I need some guidance on how to do this, how to approach the projects, someone to help me think things through and learn to code these projects in a smart way. I would prefer to work together with one person who can guide me instead of asking all my questions in the room. I work quite independently and don’t mind reading a lot of documentation. So if you have a lot of back end experience with Node/Express/Mongo(ose) and are in for mentoring someone 1 on 1 for at least one full project, please let me know. Thanks in advance.